GTX680 Jetstream award and review :
HARDWARELUXX, Excellent Hardware
  Palit's focus was the cooling solution. In idle as well as under full load - especially under full load […] the noise-level has been reducing in comparison to the reference design. […]. Palit tries to score on another field. The new design, especially the new illuminated cooler shall add visual appeal. [...] We like the overclocking possibilities. With the achieved clock settings we managed a performance plus of 12-14%. [...] As so far fastest and best GeForce GTX 680 we award the Palit GeForce GTX 680 with the "Hardwareluxx Excellent Hardware Award"!
Tweaktown, Editor’s Choice
  The new design looks really professional and helps highlight the new Jetstream series […] you'd be hard pressed to not want the Palit version over the reference card for only slightly less money.[…] Working with that, Palit are then able to tweak the card, strap on some brilliant new cooling, and in the end you get this - the Palit JetStream GTX 680 2GB is simply put a beast of a video card.
Hardwareheaven, Gold Award
  The first custom GTX 680 is a hugely impressive card. Palit provide gaming performance above the standard model while keeping noise levels and temperatures lower. The Jetstream edition also managed to reach the highest overclock we have seen from a GTX 680 so far.
VR- Zone, 9/10
  Palit did a great job at this time for their JetStream GTX 680 2GB. No matter the design of the cooler system or use the DrMOS to upgrade their power control, both improve their performance, and lower the noise also temperature. According to above reasons, we award it at 9 degree.
PCgames Hardware, Great
  The design of Palit's GeForce GTX 680 Jetstream is not only externally successful; under its blue illuminated surface but also got higher performance and lower temperature. While the reference design is working at its limit, Palit's custom design has really much room left!
Jagatreview, Great performance and Quiet
  Being first non-reference GTX 680, Palit’s GTX 680 JetStream delivers convincing performance across our benchmarks.[…] Not less impressive is the cooling system implemented on the Palit GTX 680 JetStream, which makes the card not only faster, but also cooler than its reference-based cousins. Noise level is rather low as well, even with the fans spinning at full speed.[…] if you happen to own a large enough casing or prefer to use your computer without one, this interesting, non-reference GTX 680 really deserves a closer look.
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